Ciao, We’re the team at Italian Stallion. Authentic Neapolitan wood fired pizza, from a majestically converted vintage horse trailer. Bringing pizza to the people at weddings, parties, festivals and street food markets across the midlands.

Here at the Italian Stallion we are hugely passionate about authenticity, quality, and service.

Pizza is a genuine personal passion of ours, so it’s safe to say we’ve eaten (and of course made) a fair few! We have been lucky enough to dine on the best of the best, but also had a few that were not all that! This is not just a business, but also a hobby, and an obsession, so it is vital to us that we only produce the best! Each one is like a baby to us and we take great pride in what we do.

Italian Stallion Gallery

We can provide an exciting catering option for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and more.

Wood Fired Pizza Leicester

We’re based out of Leicestershire and we trade all over the Midlands. Take a look at our menu page to see what we can do for your event or special day.

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